Malachite Moonstone of Princess Bishaarah

Bisi, 18. 6. 2008 - 24. 11. 2022

Podenco ibicenco male
Sir: Bramblewood´s Nor´Wester at Bodeans
Dam: Special Acres´ of Malachite
Breeder: Lynna Campbell, Susan Short, Lisa Puskas (USA)
stud male, frozen sperm available


Interchampion (12x CACIB)
Junior Champion of countries: CZ, DE, RO, PL, SK, AT
Champion of countries: PL, HU, SK

Slovakia Coursing Winner 2011
Slovakia Coursing Winner 2012
Czech racing Winner 2010
Czech racing Winner 2011
Czech Coursing Winner 2010
Czech Coursing Winner 2011
Czech Coursing Winner 2012
ČMKU Racing Champion

CH Bramlewood´s Nor´Wester at Bodeans HP21796905 (05-08) RD&WH Ch Rumbero de Can Pocaroba HP16197504 (10-06) RD&WH NONE (SPA) Bruc D´Espinavesa, LOE0798072
Espluga de Can Pocaroba, LOE1184777
Ch Bramblewood´s America Idol, HP06063202 (10-06) RD&WH Melquart´s Baal, HN00927602 (07-03) RD&WH (SPA)
Bramlewood Creme Caramel, HM64059603 (11-03) RD&WH
Ch Special Acres´of Malachite, CD RN, JC, HP16849408 (09-08) RD&WH Ch Paradise as Good as It Gets, HM80992901 (/09-02) OFA34E RD&WH AKV DNA V360470 Ch Paradise Legacy O´Bramblewood, HD835402 (07-92) RD&WH
Ch Ahram´s Lahn of Huntarot, HM77590801 (04-99) RD&WH
Ch Special Acres´Image of Kisses JC, HM95176903 (11-05) RD&WH Lindegrau Teybar Racethewind, HM64489005 (08-01) RD&WH
Ch Gryphons Picassos Dream JC, HM63715006 (08-01) RD&WH
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